Monday, July 4, 2011

BESTest gwaai to date!! and why dot dot dot

Now everybody knows that Marlboro is that F1 Cigarette, so they switch up the game by throwin sum super-psychedelic-matrix-4-my-ass shit on it now, Blue Ice, Nam Get it, SA, yu kno watitiz...anyway, if u want that BOOST of tiredness, then just do it to it...caress yo cigarette!! I'm Done!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ok...light has been shed, here are some free green lights for the kidz!! by kidz i mean non smokers, and or under 16 blog readers dot dot dot

ok, finding Kimo drops kinda soon so, just so shit duznt get are a few pointerz!!

#1...dnt smoke,mmmkay...its bad for ur lungz!! ;D

#2...if u fell into the trap like zeez, then find kimo first, which mean, cut ur hair in winter and see how cold ur head feelz,ja?! now,here's the catch, u'll find urself twitchin alot,but u shudnt trip, its very normal,if u hav a kid,just cut his hair and c how he/she twitches...c? normal!!

#3...if u wake up and sum body parts feel a lil numb...ur either smokin the wrong shit or u just had a chill, smoke anada one!!

#4...listen to john mayer or owl city in the morningz...if ur a DSTV kid, then try to listen to BOB...and remember to eat asb tog...anorexia is so gone!!

#5...if you dnt smoke, drink, if u dnt drink, sniff,lol...or just be boring like that, ill hand u my free mixtape!! i mite change ur life...

#6...and by i i mean we, or us goete..;D

#7...its sunday...take a chill pill!! 

ons praat weer more!!