Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let Me Teach You How To Smoke part II

This is how we used to STUDY at parties, just incase yall forgot!! :

Ok, First things first, i smoke,mmkay? deal wit it
or get gone!! What this Blog is intended to do is 
revive some of those old memories of why we ever
even started what we started when we started it, and
Why not one of us is allowed to let Black Hawk Down
ever again,ne?!

Now ALL MY PARTY PEOPLE stand UP!! here are some
more school lessons, and this one is designed
especially for the class of 2013, my 2nd years at
Poly!! LEGGO!!

Btw, this is just another beginnin for those
who crossed the finsh line and are waitin to race
again, so Almatjie can maars also stand up...

Ill be counting the veiwz on this bitch and when it
reaches two hundred Ill let yall post some
shit,mmkay!! This is the Recognize way and the 3
month limit still applies, the SIM card drops soon,
so the REAL word will be out as soon as my troops
come home!!


Zeez dot dot dot Cereus

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